Your Engineering Partner

If you have a need to use the experience and expertise to enrich the real world of ideas, you go back to whom? For decades, the world's top 500 enterprises have to bring their own ideas to find Polygon, and put ideas into innovative and cost-effective products or processes. New and unfamiliar materials to improve engineers learning curve, extended delivery times. This causes strain-house design team and the lack of manpower to other projects. Polygon has engineering experience to effectively address these challenges.

In addition to the experience of the late 1980s proved Polygon, a need exists in the market of design, planning and implementation of existing pure research or academic laboratories restrictions composites. In most cases, if not all, of these items were brought Polygon determined plus historical foundation strong engineering capabilities of industry best practices. Comprehensive practicality is the main theme, with rich metal design resource entities are seeking to replace their composite design.

Polygon center good idea ...

  • Explore composite application or design.
  • Assistance or complete existing metal or composite applications.
  • Internalization composite design, for subsequent internal production.
  • Test design and manufacture of composite products.
  • Customers seeking comprehensive cooperation with the processing or product design.
  • Refining or strengthening existing composite products.
  • Accelerate new composite application or design.