World's Foremost Supplier of Double Insulation Tubing

Polygon Company is the recognized world leader in the design and production of double insulation tubing for the power tool and appliance industry. With a production capacity beyond 50 million tubes annually, we competitively supply the world with "just in time" and "defect free" product.

Since its establishment in 1949, Polygon Company has stood as one of the world's premiere leaders in the development of advanced composite materials for many electrical insulative applications. Polygon's production capabilities are among the widest in the world and range from the pultrusion process to filament winding, braiding and circ-winding. In addition, Polygon is known as the world's leading fabricator of composite materials. From advanced CNC lathes, to multiple automated milling machines and tight tolerance centerless grinding, Polygon can meet a wide variety of component fabrication requirements. But Polygon's service doesn't stop at fabrication — we also provide painting, sub-assembly and contract manufacturing services.

In addition to armature shaft insulators, Polygon Company also produces numerous products for the high voltage electrical distribution and controls market. Since the early 1950's, Polygon Company has been producing fuse tubes, insulator stand-offs, lightening arrestor and torque tubes, cross bars and trip pins. Our processing capabilities include filament winding, braiding and pultrusion; this also includes all secondary machining and fabrication. In the ED&C industry we are the "one stop shop" for all electrical needs. Polygon is vertically integrated within the electrical industry and is creating a variety of engineered options.


Product Description

The Polygon Tube™ is the insulation sleeve that provides armatures of electric motors a secondary layer of insulation. This secondary insulation is needed to provide increased protection for operators of electrical appliances from shock. The use of the additional layer of insulation allows the appliance to be rated "Double Insulated" and the need for grounding of the appliance is eliminated. Even though an appliance is grounded by means of a three-wire power cord, it is still a good practice to provide a secondary layer of insulation. The information provided is to assist in the design and assembly of the Polygon Tube™ into armatures of electric motors.