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Composite Pneumatic and Hydraulic Cylinders

Polygon's PolySlide® products are revolutionizing the fluid power field with advanced composite cylinder tubing materials, providing high performance and value compared to aluminum and other similar metallic materials.

Composite Cylinder Benefits:

  • Low friction for reduced seal wear
  • Lower weight, even lower than aluminum and comparable to magnesium
  • Better corrosion resistance, allowing use in caustic environments
  • Improved impact resistance
  • Enhanced impingement resistance - resists denting
  • Non-conductive. Conductive variants are also available.


PolySlide can be interchanged with any metallic cylinder material in a variety of tie-rod applications.

Polygon Company has patented numerous end termination techniques for non-tie rod applications.

Complete Fabrication Available

PolySlide fluid power products can be provided as needed, from a simple cylinder tube cut to length for customer assembly to a complete cylinder assemblies designed and built in-house according to your specifications. Assemblies are available for numerous applications ranging from trucks to packaging equipment.

On-site Testing Facilities

Polygon not only has the technology to assist cylinder manufacturers in the use of PolySlide tubing but also has the internal testing facilities to validate most designs to our customers' satisfaction.

Polygon's in-house capabilities range from cycle testing, burst pressure chamber with video analysis of failure mechanisms, to in-use frictional analysis.


Sensing Technology

Polygon has also developed the first cylinder with embedded sensing technology within the laminate wall. This product is currently undergoing additional development.

Guide Rod Bearings & Bushings

Polygon’s composite bearings are excellent for use in linear motion applications as well as in rotation. They are low friction and reduce guide rod scoring. They tolerate side loading and misalignment well, and have high corrosion resistance. Polygon bearings are electric insulators, protecting them from galvanic corrosion.

Composite piston rods

Polygon can produce solid composite piston rods which have two notable benefits. Metal piston rods are a significant portion of the weight of a finished assembly, and composite materials produce large weight savings. Second, composite piston rods are not prone to corrosion, allowing for use in some caustic environments. Consult with a Polygon engineer to determine compatibility with your caustic agent.

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Polygon’s internal testing facilities can validate most designs to our customers' satisfaction. Our lab can perform in-use frictional analysis, cycle testing, and burst pressure in a chamber with video failure analysis.

Independent testing for outside verification is always welcome and can be arranged as needed.