Singular Focus

Polygon engineers, designs, manufactures, and tests all our composite bearings and wear materials.


No Grease Gun
  • No grease means no greasing failures.
  • No grease means no missed greasing schedules.
  • No need for grease flushing.
  • Your customers save hundreds of labor hours by eliminating greasing time.

Grease traps dirt

Resists dirt mud boots
  • Grease traps dirt, which grinds the pin and bore.
  • PolyLube does not trap dirt, so it can exit the bore.
  • Can be run without seals in some lightly contaminated environments.
  • Proven record in construction and agriculture applications.

Simple assemblies lower costs

Reduce TCO penny chart
  • No need for grease zerks or their machining.
  • Greasing requires extra machining though bores or pins.
  • Zerk nipples and other part costs are eliminated.
  • Seals and their machining may be eliminated.
  • Through-pin greasing can be eliminated.

Press fit

image 17318
  • No retaining rings needed.
  • Reduce ring costs and ring groove machining.
  • PolyLube has excellent interference fit because the OD is high friction. Only the ID bore surface contains lubricants.

Corrosion resistant

no rust
  • No metal to rust or corrode.
  • Excellent for use in submerged applications, including seawater.
  • Resists a wide range of caustic conditions.
  • Greaseless operation means no mixed lubricants or water contamination from leaked lubricants.

Dimensionally stable

Dimensionally Stable drawing
  • Barely affected by temperature and moisture conditions.
  • From the tropics to the Arctic, you won’t have worry about thermal expansion.
  • PolyLube materials are not prone to water absorption and swelling like thermoplastic bearings.

Reduces total cost of operation

Reduce TCO penny chart
  • Engineering gets simple assemblies and less machining cost/time
  • Customer service and accounting gets reduced greasing warranty claims.
  • Your customer gets less greasing time and the labor costs to perform it.



Polygon's bearings feature three distinct components:

  • Continuous glass fibers
  • Polymer resin
  • PTFE liners

The fiberglass filament and epoxy resin combined form a very high strength backing. This precisely wound fiberglass structure allows for thin walled bearings (1/16" to 1/8"), reducing the size and weight of assemblies.

six bearings


  Imperial Metric
Ultimate compression strength 70,000 PSI 483 MPa
Unit load limit 30,000 PSI 207 MPa
Temperature range

-325 to 475°F

Coefficient of thermal expansion 4.8 x 10-6 in/in/°F (8.6-12.6) x 10-6 m/mºC
Thermal conductivity 1.8-2.3 (BTU*in(hr*ft2*°F)) 0.26 - 0.33 W/m*ºK
Water absorption (2 hours) 0.12% 0.12%
Water absorption (24 hours) 0.16% 0.16%
Specific gravity 1.87 - 1.95 1.87 - 1.95
Maximum Velocity 10 SFM 0.05 - 0.41 m/s

Compare Bearings

Material Max. Dynamic Capacity-PSI
(less than 5 SFPM)
Maximum Temp. °F Thermal Expansion
10-6 In./In./°F
Specific Gravity
PolyLube® 30,000 500 4.8 1.87
Cast Bronze 6,000* 160* 10 8.8
Porous Bronze 4,000** 160** 10 7.5
Alloyed Bronze 10,000* 200* 16 8.1
Steel-Backed Bronze 3,500* 200* 8 8.0
Hardened Steel 40,000* 200* 7 7.9
Zinc Aluminum 5,500* 200* 15 5.0
Fabric-Reinforced Phenolic 6,000* 200* 20 1.6
Reinforced DuPont™ Teflon 2,000 500 55 2.0
*with lubrication
**oil impregnated