Your Engineering Partner

Where do you turn when you have an idea that needs to be fleshed out with real world experience and expertise? For several decades Fortune 500 companies have been turning to Polygon to take their ideas and turn them into products or processes that are both innovative and cost effective. New and unfamiliar materials increase an engineer's learning curve, extending lead times. This causes strain on internal design teams and a lack of manpower for other projects. Polygon has the engineering experience to meet these challenges effectively.

During the late 1980’s experience demonstrated to Polygon that a need existed within the marketplace to design, engineer and implement composite materials outside the constraints of existing pure research or academic laboratories. Most, if not all, of the projects being brought to Polygon required a historical basis for determining industry best practices coupled with strong engineering abilities. Composite practicality was the major theme as entities with rich metallic design resources were seeking composite material alternatives to their designs.

Polygon’s Idea Center excels at…

  • Exploring a composite application or design.
  • Assisting with or finishing an existing metallic or composite application.
  • Internalizing a composite design for later in-house manufacturing.
  • Design testing and manufacturing a composite product.
  • Customers seeking composite collaboration in processing or product design.
  • Refining or enhancing existing composite products.
  • Accelerating a new composite application or design.