Who is Polygon?

Always the pioneer, Polygon invented self-lubricated composite bearings and bushings, non-gelcoat composite fluid power products, composite laparoscopic surgical tubing, and remains one of the foremost suppliers of dielectric motor insulation worldwide.

By combining the power of a strong engineering staff with capable and timely manufacturing, Polygon's vertical integration assures quality products which are practical to produce.


Founded in 1949 by a chemist working on advanced composite materials during World War II at Wright-Patterson Air Force base, Polygon Company has grown into an engineered materials company with manufacturing facilities and distributors worldwide. Polygon’s original and ongoing patents stand as a hallmark in the development of fiber reinforced composite technology.

Corporate research and development activities, including an in-house test laboratory, are located in the company’s corporate offices and primary manufacturing location in Walkerton, Indiana (approximately 90 miles east of Chicago, Illinois).

More about Polygon

  • Focused on replacing metal parts with composite materials since 1949.
  • Credited as the first commercial pultruder in the United States (Handbook of Composite Materials, Raymond Myers).
  • Originally a consumer products company, Polygon innovated in the fields of boat hulls, fishing rods, baseball bats and compound bows for archery, and more.
  • Pioneers in the fields of composite bearings, carbon fiber golf club shafts, and composite surgical tubing.
  • Satisfying the demands of numerous Fortune 500 companies, especially in construction equipment, oil drilling, laparoscopic surgical tubing, and agriculture equipment.
  • Vertically integrated- Strategically focused between theory and reality. Providing strong engineering with a focus on practicality in manufacturing.
  • Worldwide manufacturing plants and distribution partners.